ScreenMaker compile error after delete a screen


1. create screen like the following structure:



   |-- RapidDatas screen

   |-- B screen 


2. add a button "OpenSingal" to Mainscreen, add  click event to this "OpenSingal" button. the detail of that event is open A screen.


3. Delete RapidDatas screen and OpenSingal button


4. Compile screenmaker project,  error "ScreenMaker -> Build Error -> Screen c:DataMy ScreenMaker ProjectsFlexPalletize mpMainScreen.cs - Line 619 : The type or namespace name 'RapidDatas' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?) 3/12/2009 1:19:57 PM ScreenMaker "


a. I open the MainScreen.view.cs file, I found that the event method bound with "OpenSingal" button is still there although I've delete the "OpenSingal" button.


b. I delete that OpenSignal_Click event, recompile again, error is the same.


c. Open the MainScreen.view.cs file again, modification I done is gone away.



Do you know how to resolve it??


  • Hi Jing,

    Regarding 4a, there have been different ideas if what is the best; currently after deleting any UI control, all the methods that are linked to this control are deleted (unless the method has one instruction, which is this case)


    Regarding 4b and 4c, have you try to clean or rebuild your project?. If this does noe help can you send me your c# and view files of the screen?



    Carlos Martinez
  • Hi Jing,

    You can open the cs file that ScreenMaker writes when trying to compile. If you look at line 619, you will see the event handler to which this line exists. Then you can go inside the Events Panel dialog and delete that specific event handler.


    Carlos Martinez
  • Works now. Thanks Carlos!