Num Editor Boxes Don't Update In Realtime

I was hoping too make a screen with  num editor boxes that show the operator REAL TIME num data values from the controller.  However, the values never update on the screen during rapid execution.  Upon further review, I read this in the release notes:
5.18 Refresh necessary when binding to controller data
May have to refresh the controller data when changes are made. Disconnect from the controller and reconnect again.


  • Hi,

    Just curious ... the values are updated correctly if you change them manually, but not when the robot is running.


    Are you using PERS data?




    Carlos Martinez
  • Hi Carlos,

    The simple act of closing the screen and immediatley reopening it causes the values in the NumEditor box to update during rapid execution.  I can't answer your question because I would need to close the screen momentairily to manually change the values, so I can't really put your question to the test.


    I'm currenly using VARs.  Should I be using PERSs?


    Thanks for helping me.




  • Hola,

    PERS data is the only one which receives automatically updates. Could you change the declaration to PERS and run your test?


    Carlos Martinez
  • It worked!

    It worked! It worked! It worked!


    Thank you very much, Carlos!