UIShow Generates a Fault

Hi Everyone,


I can't seem to get UIShow to launch my screen.


The names of the application extentions in my home directory are:


In Rapid I have this:

  CONST string Name:="TpsViewFSWControlScreen.gtpu.dll";
  CONST string Type:="ABB.Robotics.SDK.Views.TpsViewFSWControlScreen";
  CONST string Cmd1:="Init data string passed to the view";
  PERS uishownum myinstance:=0;
  VAR num mystatus:=0;

  UIShow Name,TypeInitCmd:=Cmd1InstanceID:=myinstanceStatus:=mystatus;

Why does executing UIShow generate the following error?

41664 The typename is invalid for this assembly 2009-04-01 14:02:01  
Task: T_ROB1 The inparameter TypeName is invalid.
The typename does not match the assembly.Status -5.
Program Ref /SWV50_Gantry/StirL/UIShow/483. 
{args: "T_ROB1", "TypeName", "-5", "/
SWV50_Gantry/StirL/UIShow/483", "ERR_UISHOW_FATAL"}


  • carlosmtz2000
    Hi Kevin,

    You should post this quetion inside Robot Application Builder Forum.


    Can you copy the declaration of your TpsView? .. it seems that it is something about the full name: NAMESPACE.NAME
    Carlos Martinez