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UIShow Generates a Fault

Hi Everyone,


I can't seem to get UIShow to launch my screen.


The names of the application extentions in my home directory are:


In Rapid I have this:

  CONST string Name:="TpsViewFSWControlScreen.gtpu.dll";
  CONST string Type:="ABB.Robotics.SDK.Views.TpsViewFSWControlScreen";
  CONST string Cmd1:="Init data string passed to the view";
  PERS uishownum myinstance:=0;
  VAR num mystatus:=0;

  UIShow Name,TypeInitCmd:=Cmd1InstanceID:=myinstanceStatus:=mystatus;

Why does executing UIShow generate the following error?

41664 The typename is invalid for this assembly 2009-04-01 14:02:01  
Task: T_ROB1 The inparameter TypeName is invalid.
The typename does not match the assembly.Status -5.
Program Ref /SWV50_Gantry/StirL/UIShow/483. 
{args: "T_ROB1", "TypeName", "-5", "/
SWV50_Gantry/StirL/UIShow/483", "ERR_UISHOW_FATAL"}


  • Hi Kevin,

    You should post this quetion inside Robot Application Builder Forum.


    Can you copy the declaration of your TpsView? .. it seems that it is something about the full name: NAMESPACE.NAME
    Carlos Martinez