change speed by flying

Hello Dear Sir,



In one project I'm doing, I need to reduce robot speed if a distance sensor reaches a curtain distance from a object(IRC5 controller).


I want to reduce TCP speed during MOVE command. Is there any way to do it?


Also How can the IP of IRC5 controller in RobotStudio (or RobotStudio Online)?






  • Jetman
    Jetman ✭✭
    Hello MX,

    you could use a TRAP that monitors the distance of your sensor.


    When the trap is activated you could use a VelSet to reduce the speed


    Might not be the cutest way but it's an idea to start from.


    Janin Delorme, Ing. (P.Eng)
  • Hello,

    Since RW 5.09 there is the instruction SpeedRefresh.

    is used to change the movement speed for the ongoing robot movement in
    current motion program task. With this instruction it is possible to create some type of coarse
    speed adaptation from some sensor input
  • Jetman
    Jetman ✭✭
    Hello Jim,

    I have searched the Rapid help of RS5.10 and didn't find any mention of SpeedRefresh but I tried it and it works.


    Also, in RS, when you type in the instruction it shows you the Rapid syntax help.


    In which manual can I get more information about the Instruction?




    Janin Delorme, Ing. (P.Eng)
  • Hi Jetman

    It is described in rev G of the Rapid Manual

    Knud E Lindberg2009-05-15 15:40:44
    Knud Erik Lindberg
    Jorgensen Engineering
  • Hello,

    Is it also possible to increase the speed dynamically ? e.g. set it to 110% of the nominal speed ? It seems like VelSet and speedRefresh only allow for dynamic speed reduction...

  • lemster68
    lemster68 ✭✭✭
    You would start with a low speedrefresh and make it higher until you reach your max desired speed.
    Lee Justice
  • Okay so no built-in function... thanks a lot @lemster68 !