Problem with Webware file comparison [WebWare Server]

We currently experience the following issue when making file comparisons within Webware.

When executing a historical program comparison on a file the following result is generated:image

On the left hand side is the comparison as made by Webware. The robtarget declaration for pPlacedTrailer was cut of and the remainder was assigned a new line number.<?: prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

On the right hand side the same comparison was made with SourceSafe as installed on the Webware server. The comparison was made between the same program versions as made on Webware. As can be seen the Robtarget pPlacedTrailer was not cut off.

Since webware created a new line number, all following line numbers are incremented by one and program differences are highlighted on the incorrect lines of code. E.g. Line 26.

We are using Webware 4.7 and SourceSafe 2005

Is Webware 4.7 compatible with SourceSafe 2005? Are there any settings (Registry or otherwise) we can modify to correct this problem?