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ListView Column Header height

How can the exact height of listview column headers be determined? Note that it is not the same as the item height.

The reason I would like to know this is that I want to deactivate click events for the column header region of the listview control.

Example: I have an action that occurs when I select a list item;if the user clicks the header, then no list item is selected and, unless I specifically check for a null value, an exception is generated.

Furthermore, what if I want to implement both column sorting AND listviewitem click events. Once again, I am forced to get the coordinates of the mouse(finger) down to conditionally process the single clickevent.

I think that this is at least an omission if not a defect; it should not be up to the user (me) to pick out the physical location of a mousedown in order to determine what action to take. All of this functionality, inclduing disabling click events in the scroll area, should be built in to the listview control.

For simplicity, the ColumnHeaders should have their own clickevent and should automatically own the real estate (x,y coordinates) they occupy in the listview control.

Russell Drown