FileList Property [WebWare SDK]

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what is the maximum character length of a file name?

I tried to copy a file "abcde_abcd.sys" but the S4Dir.FileList only shows me "abcde_abcd.s"

It gives me a -3102 fault.

If the maximum is 8+3 then how can I get around it without renaming my file?





  • Hello,

    This is a limitation in RAP (Robot Application Protocol) which WebWare use to communicate with S4 robots.

    If your robot is set up to handle FTP (server), try going into Interlink Configuration Utility -> Edit the profile you are using -> Goto FTP tab -> Select Enable FTP Interface and enter login credentials. This should allow you to view long filenames using the S4Dir.Filelist.

    Anders Dannberg
    ABB Automation Technologies
    Support Engineer