Stationary Tool & Wobj Setting

For Spot Welding project, Stationary Gun is used.

I don't know how to set wobj's coordinate values.

My method is sometimes working and sometimes not working.

Method: 1)Create Tool data-- robhold: False, input pos & rot data x,y,z from clicking "place" of part named Gun. (set as UCS: IRB6600_255_175)

2) Create WorkObject -- robhold:  True,  Input Tool data values  to WorkObject's pos &  rot data.

Question) I am not sure above method is correct, which works only  sometimes. Why not working with 0,0,0? Please give me an advice.



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  • John Wiberg
    John Wiberg Sweden admin

    Hi Hwang,

    In RobotStudio there is a demo station with a stationary tool in it, so I'll use that as an example.

    So start RS and File>Open station, browse to:
    C:Program FilesABB RoboticsStations

    Open the rsGlue station.

    C:Program FilesABB RoboticsPrograms

    Play the simulation once.

    As you can see the robot picks upp a 'cover' which it then goes to the stationary glue tool with.

    So look in the station at the tool and at the wobj, and also at the RAPID code.

    OK, so that's how it should look like, here's how you do it:

    Create a tool at the correct position with robhold=False.

    Create a work object, just give it a name and set it as active but don't change any of the values.

    In the Object Browser drag'n'drop the Wobj to the robot.

    Now you will get two questions:

    Do you also want to reposition WobjName?
    Say Yes, this will place the Wobj at tool0 which is exactly where we want it to be.

    Do you want Wobj obGlue to be moved by IRB##?
    Say Yes, this will make RobHold=True.

    Now you are ready to create the targets directly on the workpiece.

    You can find the same instructions in the manual:
    Create a Stationary Tool

    Remember that when working with stationary tools stations you need to switch the active tool and workobject to tool0/wobj0 to be able to MoveToHome etc, since that can't be done in the fixed tcp or the moving wobj.

  • DLcygnet
    DLcygnet United States ✭✭

    Ok. I've been through the instructions in the on-line manual, I've been through the off-line manual, I've followed your instructions exactly.

    Error message:

    Undefined if robot holds the tool or the work object.

    I keep checking my remote tool. The value for robhold doesn't stay 'False'. It keeps switching it back to true the instant I click OK.  Why? How do I overcome this?

    Lisa Cardon
    Saving the world from the scum of the universe.
  • Anders S
    Anders S Sweden mod

    Hi Lisa,

    What version of RobotStudio are you using, 3.1 or 3.2 ?

    I am asking because we had a bug in RS 3.1 that caused the problem you describe. This bug is corrected in RS 3.2. If you are running RS 3.2 e-mail me your station and a backup of the VirtualController, so  will I take a look at it and see if I can find the problem.

    E-mail: [email protected]



    Best regards,
    Anders Spaak
    ABB Robotics