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A novice’s question


My name is Sang Y Paik, one of novices in FPSDK. Well..frankly pretty confusing in FPSDK. I installed everything following instruction one by one..then open .NET and tried to start FPSDK, but in tool box menu I couldn't find ABB's control. All ABB's icon is dead. and one more thing, someone tell me how to use russD's reference form? image Even my questions are confusing.. Thank you for your reply in advance.

Best & Kind Regards,


  • Hello,

    I can help you with the part about the reference form.

    The form is set up to resemble the GTPU screen area. You can place controls on this form to obtain the screen coordinates and other properties of your controls, then copy+paste that data into your application's GTPU form or MasterDialog class.

    Note that the FPSDK does not offer design view support, so this is another alternative to changing the form's inheritence (which seems to cause things to disappear if you don't know what you are doing).

    Russell Drown
  • Hi,
    As Russ wrote there is no design time support for developing the UI for the FlexPendant. (It will be introduced after the VS. NET 2005 release)
    There are two ways to circumvent this. Either you can change the inheritance of the class to  get Windows Design support. Switching between the code lines in Example 1 or use RussD's reference form.
    Example 1:
    public class TpsViewIRC5App11 : TpsControl, ITpsViewSetup, ITpsViewActivation
    public class TpsViewIRC5App11 : System.Windows.Forms.Form, ITpsViewSetup, ITpsViewActivation