ProgramMaker 4.0 crashing

Gizmo New Zealand ✭✭


There are three of us in an office all using ProgramMaker 4.0 with the same seemingly random problem. Every so often, usually when saving, but sometimes even while scrolling, PM crashes with a ABBS4VC.EXE Application error, followed by a "Server busy" error, followed by a "Non-S4API Interface Error PGM_TELLBACK error.

If you are saving you only end up with the first 17kb of the file, the rest is gone.

The strange thing is, my laptop used to be quite stable. I recently reformatted my hard disk and re-installed everything. PM now crashes as often as the other machines.

I also have QuickTeach 5.0, but not the full RobotStudio.

Today it has happened too many times! Any ideas?


  • Hi Gizmo,

    Do you still need help with this problem or have you found a solution?

    Best regards,

    Thomas Andersson
    Support Engineer
    ABB Automation Technologies