what's the difference between webWare sdk& pc sdk? [WebWare SDK]

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Dear sirs,

Anyone can explain me the different with


Webware SDK, 

Webware Serve,

Flexpendent SDK, 


OPC Serve,

& application building


which situation we choose which one ?  It was highly appreciated your kindly explain  !


  • PerSvensson
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    Flexpendant SDK is for making applications on the FlexPendant (IRC5)

    PC SDK is for making application on a PC (IRC5)
    These 2 togheter are usally called RAB (Robot Application Builder)

    WebWare SDK is kind of PC SDK for old Robot Controllers like S4C.


    For the SDK's you need to write code in Microsoft VisualStudio to make up your application.

    OPC Server are kind of a common interface (google OPC Foundation) to equipment so that opc clients have a standard way of communicate no matter what kind of equipment it is.


    WebWare Server is a software that runs on IIS (microsoft's webserver) to which you can connect your robots and do a lot of stuff like scheduled backup, reports and so on...
    There is no need to write any code like the other once I have explained it's a out of the box software


    Hope you know a little bit more after reading this
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    [QUOTE=Peter_ABB]which situation we choose which one ?[/QUOTE]

    ABB supplies the OPC Server to be OPC compliant. If you have a customer that has several machines that all are OPC compliant and they want one single application that shows data for all machines then it is an idea to use the OPC Server, or if your customer has a OPC Client which they want to connect to ABB controllers. This is very rare. 

    For more information regarding OPC please check out http://www.opcfoundation.org/Default.aspx/01_about/01_whatis.asp?MID=AboutOPC


    The WebWare Server is usually for larger installations of robots (5+) where the average WebWare Server customer has 20-40 ABB robots. Like Per says it is a Web Server, so it sets up a website for all connected ABB robots where you can browse the controller data.

    It usually adresses one of the three following needs:

    1) Scheduled Automated backups.

    This means that a customer can have daily/weekly/whatever robot backups for any/all robots in one place. Without having to have staff running around doing it manually and maybe losing them on different media.

    2) Maintenance monitoring

    All robot events (information/warnings/errors) are stored in a database from which you can get reports monitoring what happens to your robots. If used correctly it helps with troubleshooting, maintenance scheduling and predicting failures.

    3) Production data gathering

    Any robot connected to WebWare Server can send its production data to the server. This means that depending on how you program your RAPID you can gather data regarding parts produced over time, faults over time, batch numbers, cycle times, up-down time, etc.


    However only (1) is relatively easy to setup and (2 & 3) takes strategical thinking. So its mainly used by big plants like the automotive industry. But smaller high-tech companies/partners use it frequently.

    For more information regarding WebWare Server please check out

    http://www.abb.com/roboticssoftware and click on [WebWare Server]


    When it comes to Robot Application Builder (FPSDK & PCSDK) and WebWare SDK they are all System Developers Kits which means that they are used by software developers to create applications communicating with ABB controllers. They are all used to create custom applications that usually deliver site specific functionality.

    Here is an old text I had regarding the difference between the SDKs:

    [QUOTE=John Wiberg]RAB vs. WebWare SDK

    WebWare SDK was designed as Visual Studio 6.0 components that handle communication between the S4 controller generation and a PC. This enables a skilled programmer to develop applications (usually in Visual Basic 6.0 or C++) running on a PC to interact with a S4 robot controller. Later secondary support for IRC5 was added as well.
    With the end of ABB selling S4 controllers WebWare SDK only receives maintenance releases and no new development is done by ABB. This means that it will not continue to support the latest Microsoft releases like VISTA etc.
    Robot Application Builder is designed as Visual Studio .NET components that handle communication between the IRC5 controller generation and either a PC or the FlexPendant using one of its two SDK?_Ts. This enables a skilled programmer to develop applications using C# or Visual Basic.Net that either runs on a PC using the PCSDK or custom user interfaces for the ABB FlexPendant using the FPSDK.
    With each new release of IRC5 RobotWare ABB will release a new version of Robot Application Builder with new features and functionality.

    So the recommendation is to always go with Robot Application Builder when you can. But if you have a mixed population of S4C and IRC5 controllers you have to use WWSDK, then if the application is for the short term you will be fine with WWSDK but if the application is intended for long term use you should use WWSDK for the S4C controllers and RAB for the IRC5 controllers.[/QUOTE]


    So which one to use would totally depend on the customer need and infrastructure.
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    Thank you All ! 
    I think i got the definition.


    John, sorry for my double post.