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encrypted files [WebWare Server]

Do encrypted files (either by ABB or third party) cause any problems with backing up robots, nominall S4C type robots?
I am having problems backing up robots. Two progam modules are the problem and they are both encrypted. Error just says "error during backup"
Any ideas?


  • Hi
    It should be possible to include encrypted files in a backup. Please e-mail the files to me and I get test on my testrack if I get the same error.
    Lennart H
  • I also have experienced this problem with the encrypted files in a webware back-up -- had something to do with the file transfer itself - it would back-up on the controller OK - bu the file transfer to the data collector failed - never was resolved with the WebWare Developers at the time - Could not get the customer to provide the add-on system key and option program for a valid investigation - funny thing was, all eight robots were configured the same - only two exhibitied the problem.

    Case id: US070308-1020 Date: 2007-03-08

    Case id: US070308-1020-Q Date: 2007-03-09

    Case id: US070308-1020-Q-Q Date: 2007-03-16 /2007-04-05

    All info regarding that case should be in the above case.

    Hope that helps
    Thomas H. Johnston
    PACs Application Engineer
  • OK, so I'm stupid but was in a rush when posting the topic (as always). And I'm supposed to be a robot expert...Confused
    The problem was the lentgh of the file names... The robots concerned were S4 and using RAP to backup to the server.... and it has to follow the 8.3 filename structure. doh

    but that throws up the whole issue with encrypted files. Officially I can create encrypted files, but officially I cannot unencrypt the files (no tool available), and therefore I cannot change the module names to shorten them. These files being supplied by a third party vendor...