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How to launch a ScreenMaker Application from Rapid

Hi all,

IA'm looking for a way to launch a Screenmaker Application  from Rapid. I did that allready with some Applications that i created with RAB using the UIShow intructions and that works fine but it doesnA't work with the ScreenMaker Application. It looks like that my used "Type-definition" (ABB.Robotics.ScreenMaker.TpsViewMyTestApp) is wrong


I did it like this:


 PROC ShowMyTestApp()
    CONST string Name:="TpsViewMyTestApp.dll";
    CONST string Type:="ABB.Robotics.ScreenMaker.TpsViewMyTestApp";
    UIShow Name, Type;


Is there a way to launch a ScreenMaker Application from Rapid ?




  • Hi again,

    I changed my Rapid code now to the following


     PROC pmShowMyTestApp()
        CONST string Name:="TpsViewMyTestApp.gtpu.dll";
        CONST string Type:="ABB.Robotics.SDK.Views.TpsViewMyTestApp";
        UIShow Name, Type;


    It still doesnA't work but looking into the elog i get a message : Event Message 41664

    "the inparameter TypeName is invalid. The TypeName does not match the assembly. Status -5. The view will not be launched"

  • Found it.
    It has to be "ABB.Robotics.SDK.Views.MainScreen"


    this works
  • THANK YOU!!!
    I've been trying to figure this out forever!