WebWare Server 4.5 is released! [WebWare Server]

WebWare version 4.5 is released. The main news in this versions are:

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The functions in WebWare Server have been grouped into two modules, the Backup Module and the Report Module. Each module requires a license that can be purchased separately. See WebWare Server Administrator's Guide, chapter 1.

Because of this, menus in the improved user interface have been grouped in a more function-oriented manner.

Data Collector

Tuning Parameters, including Filtering of Event Logs are added to reduce network traffic from the data collector. This improves overall data collection capabilities that may reduce the need for one or more data collectors in the network. See the help file for the Data Collector.

A copy of the last successful backup is stored locally at the Data Collector.

WebWare Client

Backup (See WebWare Server Administrator's Guide, chapter 9.)

  • New Backup Scheduler for increased scheduling flexibility.
  • New Restore function to restore a complete backup folder, using the teach pendant.
  • New Restore function to push a complete backup folder or single file from the server to the robot controller, using the web-client.
  • Possibility to mark a backup as Master Backup, using the web-client.

Reports (See WebWare Server Administrator's Guide, chapter 7)

  • Four sample reports are now included in the Report Viewer page.


  • Now includes selected Paint and IRC5 documentation. Full documentation not possible due to disc size limitations.
  • User's Guide instead of Administrator's Guide now as online help.

Admin (See WebWare Server Administrator's Guide, chapter 5.)

  • New concept of Device Sets to group devices. Used for backup scheduling.

WebWare.Sys File (See WebWare Server Administrator's Guide, appendix C)

  • Possibility to start a backup via RAPID.
  • The RAPID Restore Procedure has been improved so that folders and files can be transferred to the robot controller using the Teach Pendant. Also includes password protection.
  • Quicker restore procedure, Master and Last Successful backups are listed first and second at the teach pendant.

WebWare 4.5 is beeing sent out to all customers with subscription service agreement.

/Martin Lundh
Product manager
ABB Robotics