Using Helper in .NET [WebWare SDK]

Hello! I am trying to get the WebWare Helper ActiveX working from a .NET application but I cannot register variable subscriptions.

Is this a known problem ?

The problem arise when I try to cast the object returned by VariableEventList to something useful like AxRimbaseLib.S4VariableSubscriptionListClass




  • RussD
    RussD United States

    S4VariableSubscriptionListClass is a hidden member of Rimbase.lib and is not intended for public consumption.

    You should interact with an instance of the class as follows:

    obj As New S4VariableSubscriptionList
    Dim shtRetVal As Short
    Dim varname As String
    obj = AxHelper1.VariableEventList()

    shtRetVal = obj.Add(strName, "num", 0)
    Russell Drown