Adding Attachements

RussDRussD United States


Actually it seems as though one has to create a new post, then the ability to add attachments to any response is enabled.

Sounds like a defect to me.


Why can't I attach items to responses?

It seems that one can only add attachments to New Topics. It would be useful to attach samples to responses.

Russell Drown


  • John WibergJohn Wiberg Sweden admin



    I can post a reply with an attachment.

    What kind of responses can't you add attachments to?

  • RussDRussD United States


    try this link:

    This thread is spread over two pages, and when I click the Post Reply button or I navigate to page 2 I get the reply box without the upload image or upload file buttons. It seems like I have seen this on other occasions but this is the only one I can duplicate right now.

    ***************end update************************

    It seems to come and go;sometimes the last two buttons are not displayed, even though the page is fully loaded. Of course, they ARE displayed right now for this page. 

    Russell Drown
  • John WibergJohn Wiberg Sweden admin

    Checked several different ways and threads.

    Always had the buttons.

    Strange, how often does it occur for you?

    So the solution seems to be to close and restart Internet Explorer then.

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