Disappearing Interlink Monitor [WebWare SDK]

RussD United States

Under certain conditions, the Interlink Monitor dialog may cease to be displayed anywhere on the desktop, but will be visible on the TaskBar. This behavior is caused by a problem in the way that Interlink attempts to persist the location settings for Interlink Monitor.

Note: this condition is thought to occur only on systems using multiple monitors.

If you experience this condition try the following resolution:

1.Locate the file InterlinkMonitor.ini. It should be in C:Windows or C:winnt

2. Open the file, examine the values for DialogLeftPos and DialogTopPos.

3. The values will probably be something large like 32767.

4. Change both of these values to 0, then save the file and close it.

5. Change the file's access attribute to Read-Only.

6. Stop Interlink then restart it by opening Interlink Monitor.

7. Interlink Monitor should now be visible at the center of the default monitor.

You must change this file to read-only to prevent Interlink from rewriting the same, wrong value to InterlinkMonitor.ini

Russell Drown