Interlink Connection to IRC5-P only Initializing [WebWare SDK]

When using the Interlink software to setup connections to robots at a customer site, we are only able to get the Interlink monitor to a state of "Initializing".  This state is not even discussed in the Documentation.  We can Scan, and see the robot, using the controllerid.xml file to clear the subnet issue, but are unable to get to a "Running" mode?

We have the same issue at 2 other sites.

Does anyone have any ideas, or who would be good to call about this?  Tech support seemed to not be familiar with this software.


  • JC ALT
    JC ALT France
    Please ask techsupport to create a C2 case

    It is important to go to interlink Monitor and look at the number displayed after Initializing, it could be that the robotware version is not supported