Webware SDK helper not closing? [WebWare SDK]

Cypherspaceman United Kingdom ✭✭

I'm using VB6  with Webware SDK / interlink version 4.60.0032 on windows XP communicating with an S4C+

I have an issue with the application hanging on exit. I'm trying to implement a tidy closure routine, but can't find a way to tell the helper to close/terminate/unload itself.

Is there any such way, or can I at least tell that the control has not hung up?




  • Hi
    There must be something wrong in the code that makes the application hang at shutdown. Does this happens all the time? If not, please investigate which part of the code that was executed at these occasions.
    Lennart H
  • Cypherspaceman
    Cypherspaceman United Kingdom ✭✭
    It does not happen all the time - usually it only happens when the application has been running for some time.
    I'm closing all other components in an orderly way (stopping timers, closing socket connections and closing forms).
    I'm logging the close-down procedure, and all appears to be fine until the "End" statement, when it continues to hold on to the app. My last statement before this is a "Goodbye" message box which displays correctly.
    In answer to your question, the same code is executed on all occasions.

    Could I repeat my question - is there any way to close the helper connection in a tidy way, or check it's status?