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Recompiling problems


I  have a  problem  recompiling  a  project.

This  is  the  reproduction  of  the  problem

* I have  a  correctly running  project on   virtual Flex pendant

*I save  and  close  VS. Net

*I  reopen  the  same  project

*I  recompile  the  project (no  modification on it)

*the  project  is  not more  visible  in  th e flexpendnt

*(Workaround  I  found: Create a  new  project and  copy  manually the  text  file  from  the old  one.this new  project  will work  until  I  'll close  it  again...) image

*I suppose  I   miss   some  setting in  VS.Net. Any  suggestion?

Oscar Ferrrato


  • I'm not sure I understand your problem.

    You state that you close and re-open your VS.Net project, and that after re-opening and recompiling the project you cannot open/see your application on the VFP.Are you building the exectuable .dll and running the compliance checker in one step? How are you deploying the executable and proxy .dll to the VFP?

    Your previous executable file that you deployed to the VFP should still be in the file system until you explicitly deploy a newer version of the executable or delete the old file.

    You should try to provide additional information about which version of FPSDK, VC, RW, etc. that you are using.

    Russell Drown
  • Hi Russ

    in  fact  the  problem  was   that  if   I  reopened  a   project,   rebuilt the  dll  and  deployed  it  again ,  it  was  not   working  anymore.

    I solved  it   updating  the  robotware  on the  VIRC5  from  5.5.80 to  5.05.129

    Thank  you  any  way  for  yor  fast  answer.



    Oscar Ferrrato