Factoryware Interface - RPC call [WebWare SDK]


I'm working with the Factoryware Interface in the robot, and in the PC I haven't the Webware SDK. I could communicate by RPC's call between the S4 and PC, so I need the .x file for ABB's robot, but I can't find it in the option. Does Anybody know how could make the communication and the right RPC library to do  it.

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  • RussD
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    To do external PC communications development, you need to purchase the RAP communications option, which is the developer version of for working with the RAP protocol.

    FactoryWare interface is only the runtime version for RAP. You can contact your local ABB representative to see about what is involved in getting the documentation and development tools needed to develop your own implementation

    Russell Drown
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    Thanks for your answer.

    The FactoryWare Interface [534] is a RobotWare Options for the BaseWare OS 4.0. I have a few information for my local ABB representative, but the documents i have, explain that the FactoryWawe Interface serve as a run-time license for Webware, and includes the Robot Application Protocol (RAP), and also the same functionality described for option RAP communication [535]. And "FW Int. enables the robot system to communicate with a PC" [page 33. Product Specification RobotWare Options for BaseWare OS 4.0]. So I could communicate with a superior computer without WebwareSDK, the robot have a new RAPID Instruction SCWrite, to send message to the computer.

    But if you say that the RAP communication is the developer version for RAP, and the FW Interface is the runtime version for RAP. Could I not send RPC's Calls from a PC to S4-Controller and receive no answer?


  • RussD
    RussD United States

    Technically, Interlink Module is the runtime environment for WebWare SDK applications, though it is true that you must have either RAP or FactoryWare Interface installed on the controller as well before you can communicate.

    Functionally, RAP and FactoryWare Interface are identical. One or the other is required if you are trying to connect a robot controller and a PC. With either option you can perform SCWrite commands, but you must have a mechanism on the PC that is capable of listening for and responding to SCWrites.

    Interlink Module and WebWare Server are such applications. If you do not wish to use Interlink or WWS, you must develop your own software application to take its place.

    My understanding of the difference between RAP and FW is that purchasing the RAP software option gets you access to the RAP protocol documentation and RPC-header files and other niceties required to create your own  RAP handler.

    This option is what third-party developers must purchase if they wish to develop their own handler for RAP. I am not a third-party developer, so I have never had to purchase RAP, and I am not sure of exactly what level of cooperation/assistance one might receive.

    You should probably try to contact Product Support in Sweden directly if you have additional questions:

    mailto:[email protected]



    Russell Drown
  • Hi Russ,

    Thanks again for your information. I tried to contact in the [email protected], but this address is only ment for ABB employes, could you have other ABB's contact to make the question.

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  • RussD
    RussD United States
    I wasn't aware that they would not accept messages from outside ABB. I would recommend having your local ABB rep contact the same email as above with your concerns.
    Russell Drown