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Corner Path failure 50024

I get the mentioned error once in a while when simulating, and I am curious about the high CPU load mentioned.

I have a couple of tasks running each of the looping with a WaitTime 0.1;

I am wondering if these are the cause of the occacional error.

Is there a way to monitor the cpu load to determine if something is going through the roof in the virtual cpu...  And is the simulation engine in the virtual controller depending on the performance of the pc that is beeing used to simulate ( since getting more PC power is easy )



  • Hello,
    You cannot get rid of a corner path failure problem by getting a better PC processor. A slow processor only makes the simulation slower, but the controller behaviour is not affected by the PC processor.


    The most common reason for 50024 is that you have programmed a zone point, but that the robot has to stop anyway (for example if you have added a delay after the zone).


  • Laro88
    Makes sense since it happens randomly during simulation when running the same program over and over. The warning is just a bit wague leaving a couple of options as to why the error occurred.
  • Jaaahhh

    You can switch the 'corner path warning' off in the sysparameters 'moc.cfg' (See example underneath)



          -name                       "motion_planner_1"          
          -std_servo_queue_time        0.193536               
          -dyn_ipol_decbuf_type       "OPTIMAL_PATH"     
          -use_motion_sup             "rob1"                        
          -use_jog_parameters         "motion_planner_1"
          -dyn_ipol_type                       1                           
          -use_spline_parameters       "motion_planner_1"


    Best Regards,


  • I think you can avoid corner path failure by setting zone data of the last target on the path to fine.