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    ItA's normally not a good idea to restore a backup from a Virtual Controller made in RobotStudio to a real robot.

    The reason is that except for the rapid code (program and system modules)  a backup also include configuration files for the robot. For example is there a file called "moc.cfg" which include the calibration values for the robot, and each robot has individual calibration values which not are the same as for the Virtual Controller. So the result will be that your robot not will behave correct after the restore.

    What you should do is to save the rapid code as program in the Offline tab, and then only load the program (and eventually changed system modules) in to the real robot controller.
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    Anders Spaak
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  • ashikashik bangalore
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    i m stuck at the same point, can you please tell me exactly how to solve this problem.
     I am new to robot studio and couldn't understand the steps to be followed explained by Anders S to solve this.
    Can you please describe how to solve this

    Any help is appreciated
    Thanks in advance!!
  • graemepaulingraemepaulin New Zealand ✭✭✭

    Do you have a backup of the real controller from before you did the restore with the backup from the virtual controller?

    If so restore the backup to get the real controller up and running again - if no backup was done then you will need to reset the controller back to factory default.

    Then save the program or module if it is only one module that you have created in the virtual controller, you can either transfer this to the real controller hard disk via the RobotStudio file transfer, or put it on USB. You then use the teach pendant to open/load the program or module in thereal controller..

    If you have I/O that is not in the real controller you can save the EIO configuration file from virtual controller and load it into the real controller - make sure you do a backup of the real controller first so you can go back if things go wrong.

  • DenisFRDenisFR FRANCE ✭✭✭
    What I do is:
    Make a backup from real and one from virtual.
    Merge your modifications from virtual to real (with WinMerge or other merge tool).
    Then restore modified real backup to your real controller.

  • nomad5t5nomad5t5 ABB Canada ✭✭
    You could also use the "transfer" section in the controller tab to create a relation between the VC and RC

  • ashikashik bangalore
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    thank you for sharing your ideas.
    it was really helpful. i did by loading the modules in the real controller (of course after taking the old backup)  
    thanks @ graemepaulin , DenisFR , nomad5t5
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