config data

is there some instructions which use data type "config data"? for example can read/write a config data for a target. and how to use it?

when robot go through many parallel horizontal lines ( eg: painting horizontal lines in a window wich contains many squares), axi 6 often out of rang. Is there anybody know how I can do with this?

in RobotStudio we can choose the config data to reach a target, is it possible to do this with a real robot S4 instruction





  • Hi,

    You need to have a correct configuration stored in each target in the controller, if you not use ConfJOff or ConfLOff.

    You can also try to use: SingArea Wrist; (the orientation of the tool may be changed slightly in order to pass a singular point (axes 4 and 6 in line)).
    Best regards,
    Anders Spaak
    ABB Robotics