RobotStudio event

ConfigEdit 4.0

I have a big problem:

when i create a new I/O config, the program write an error:

"Reporting method getMMCOutlineAttributes Status -2
Report the error to nearest ABB Office"

Please help anybody!


  • Hello dallas72,

    This is a known problem. Follow the instructions below to solve the problem.


    1. Shut down ConfigEdit.
    2. Open windows explorer and browse to:

    'C:Program FilesCommon FilesABB AutomationBin'
    3. Rename the file 'pcfg.dll' file to for example pcfg_OLD.dll
    4. Paste the attached dll to the same location.

    5. Start the program and try again.


    This should solve the problem.


    Best regards,
    Anders Jahnberg
    ABB Robotics
  • Could you upload the file again? Thanks!