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Problem Deploying Screen

I'm getting the following error when I try to deploy a custom screen to a virtual controller, is there something I'm missing?



  • Hi,
    Can you give some information on how the custom screens were created ? Was the second screen added by using screens created using Flexpendant SDK ?


  • No, everything was made in the Screen Maker.
    The other odd thing is, it was working a couple weeks ago, and things got busy, so I had to step away from this for a while, and now that I have come back to it, it isn't working.

  • Can you provide some details to analyze the problem better :


    1. Environment in which the ScreenMaker application is running on your system, for example OS, Robot Studio Version, RobotWare Version, Robot Application Builder Version.

    2. Screenshot of the System folder where you are deploying these controls.


    Can you attach the ScreenMaker project in discussion as well ?




  • I'm Running windows XP Professional
    My RobotStudio is 5.12.03
    My RobotWare is 5.12.03
    and I don't have RAB installed

    What system folder should I take a screenshot of, of the virtual controller that i'm trying to deploy these controls on?

    Also, it does the same thing no matter what screen project I try and deploy, I tested just making a simple screen with a line of text, and it still did it. I also have created new systems to deploy it on to, and still no luck.


    dh_custompak2010-02-18 14:16:33
  • Could you try uninstalling and installing ScreenMaker. ScreenMaker requires RAB to be installed.
  • cmaynard
    I had the same problem... when I connected to a live robot, and tried to see my HMI using the virtual flexpendant it would error out.    The solution was you CAN'T use the virtual flexpenant with a live robot.  Only with a virtual system.