Similar variable: SDK and RAP functions [WebWare SDK]

I don't find information for the RAP's functions, and a lot of variables are not defined in the small technical information. Could anyone say me if these variables (or similar) are using in Webware SDK?

RAPBIOF management services:






  • Hello Brenda

    I am the Program Manager for WebWare.

    I have seen that you sent some requests about RAP developement in this forum. WebWare SDK is an Implantation of the Dialog with the robot using the Robot RAP protocol, and most of the functions are available through the interface of the WebWare SDK (Helper) as an ActiveX control for Visual Studio or Visual Studio .NET developement or any COM Container.

    The WebWare SDK requires a license to be used, and the application developed with the WW SDK are runtime free, The only constraints is to have either the RAP interface or the Factoryware interface installed on the robot.

    This is the best solution to develop application which dialog with an ABB Robot.

    Now, if for some reason you are not able to use WebWare SDK and want do develop directly at the RPC level, these questions cannot be handled in this forum and must be addressed directly to the RobotWare group at SEROP which implement the RAP protocol inside the robot.

    As Russ suggested earlier, you should contact your local ABB Robotics representative to have a support contact in the Robot group for your RAP related questions.

    Bonne Chance