automatically resume cycle after Auto Stop

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If an auto stop occurs mid cycle due to a door opening etc;


Is there a way  for an IRC5 controller to continue running it's cycle automatically as soon as the autostop circuit is closed (door closed) - without having to manually press the motors on button, then pressing the start button on the flex pendant to continue executing the program? if so... How


If not, how could i connect 1 external button to resume Auto cycle after an autostop


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  • Petjo
    Petjo ✭✭

    Take a peek at "How to define system inputs" in the technical reference manual (System parameters, I/O)


  • osku
    osku ✭✭

    It's not allowed for the robot to resume the cycle automatically after auto stop. However, you can connect an external button to robot digital input and define that input as 'System input - Motors On and Start'.


  • Hi,

    If you have the MultiTasking option you can have a backgroundtask defined as static or semistatic. This task will continue to run even in autostop, so it can put back the robot to motor on and cycle on (with help of the system inputs Osku explained) automatically when the door is closed.
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    Anders Spaak
    ABB Robotics
  • Hi, in my case when I have to switch from auto to manual because of weld arc error for example, I open the door to correct the issue then raise the door switch back to auto then straight away the door will open again and an error of "auto open" appears and I have to finish the procedure manually and return to home. Only then will the robot run in auto again. 
    Any ideas?
  • lemster68
    lemster68 ✭✭✭
    What door?
    Lee Justice