IO change [WebWare SDK]


Can anyone tell me how one should go about using IO changes in webware. I'm using 4.0 version.

We have renamed our IO on the two boards that we use so they have names like ING1 instead of DI10_1 and so on.

How should I subscribe to this? do I have to write code for the subscribtion or should I be able to select the specific IO's of intrest in the Helper control property page. Haven't seen any samples on IO change events in the forum.

Is there any problem with renaming the IO's in the robot from the Webware's perspective. The helper control property page only lists the default DI10_1... signals and I can't see a way of adding my renamed signals. I guess I'm doing something wrong.  




  • RussD
    RussD United States

    You need to point your Interlink profile to the new eio.cfg file so that it can find the new signal names.

    After you assign the new eio.cfg file, you should stop/restart Interlink to force it to use the new file.

    The preferred method of creating I/O change subscriptions is at design time, but you can also add/remove subscriptions programmatically using the S4SubscriptionList object. For example,

    intRetVal = AxHelper1.IOEventList.Add(mySignalName)

    Russell Drown
  • Thanks, I solved it after updating my eio.cfg file.