WebWere SDK and Robot Backups [WebWare SDK]

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I'm using WebWere SDK 3.02.0317 to develop applications in VisualBasic 5.0 / 6.0

In the ABB interlink Monitor we have the BACKUP TAB - the implementation of Robot backups through here is quite nice but has a problem : needs to be done manually by the operator. I would like to start these backups automaically from my VisualBasic application and still use the settings defined into the robot profiles (Interlink module), as well as get the backup information updated.

How can I do this?





  • Hi

    The best solution is to use WebWare Server to do Backup. You then will be avialable to do backup manually, according to a schedule or trigged by the robot.

    This Backup Tab feature was a temporary implementation and is not available anymore since Webware 4.0