path over entire surface?

dchayden United States ✭✭

I am curious to know if there is a function or tool in RS that can quickly generate an array of targets or a complex path in order to pass the TCP over every part of a modeled surface. I'm guessing this is the kind of thing paint guys do all the time. I'm working in thermal sprayed metals and ceramics, and my equipment produces a much smaller spray pattern.

Anyhow, creating a ton of targets just to have the robot spray the entire surface is time consuming and tedious. Is there a better way to leverage RS's abilities to do this automatically?




  • Hi
    There is a PowerPac (addin) for RS that may solve the problem for you. And you are correct it's the Paint guys how does it. The PowerPac is called  "Paint PowerPac".

    Per Svensson
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  • dchayden
    dchayden United States ✭✭

    Thanks, Per. I'll take a look at the add-in and see if it'll suit the application. Incidentally, I know the ability to quickly cover complex surfaces is of great interest to other coating specialists in my field and others. If you're open to further discussion of this RS application offline, I would be very interested. Feel free to contact me at the address attached to my account.