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I need to install webware SDK 4.5 over a PC that runs an application using Webware SDK 3.2.

1- Is it possible to install WWSDK v4.5 without uninstalling WWSDK v3.2 ?

2- Is the installation of WWSDK 4.5 going to modify any of the existing WWSDK v3.2 activeX ?

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  • RussD
    RussD United States

    No it is not possible to have two different versions of WWSDK installed on the same machine.

    An older application (3.x) targeted towards S4C+ should be able to run on a newer (4.x) version of Interlink, but I would want to test that before I guaranteed it.

    I recall that there was a problem with one control (File manager or RobotBox, I think) in 4.0 that forced re-compliation if it was used by the application, but I seem to remember that being resolved by 4.5.

    Russell Drown
  • First, thanks for your prompt reply Russell.

    1- Following your advices I've been installing WWDSK v4.5 and tried to start a software using RobotBox and Helper over our test platform. This PC has run most  versions of WWSDK from version 3.0 to 4.5 now. When I start the software, I get a "RimBase" message box:

    "Webware license violation detected. Another application at IP address has the same runtime license. This application will not be allowed to communicate with a robot." What does that exactly mean ?

    2- Since I will install WWSDK v4.5 over a PC currently running WWSDK v3.0.2, I'd prefer arriving with the right license for WWSDK v4.5. Is it possible for you to create a WWSDK v4.5 license from a WWSDK v3.0.2 license request file ?

    3- For my test platform I have a license for WWSDK v4.0. Is it possible to transfer the license to WWSDK v4.5 ?

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  • RussD
    RussD United States

    You should contact
    [email protected]
    to answer these license questions.
    Russell Drown
  • The license has changed between Webware 3.2 and webware 4.X, then if you install Webware 4.X you need to request a new license.

    Contact the support or your vender for the pricing of an upgrade.