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I would like to make several user pages using FPSDK. i.e. there is a main menu page, one of button in the page (screen) is clicked, the screen goes to relevant seems like simple but I cannot find the way... please let me know thank you..(C# preferred)

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  • Your main form class should inherit from TpsControl and include your navigation buttons, then your sub-pages should inherit from GTPUMasterDialog.

    GTPUMasterDialog includes the option to use a CommandBar at the bottom of the form. the commandbar includes an ActionItem ("OK" button") and CancelItem("Cancel" button) that makes it easy to handle the closing of the form.  

    The sub-pages are handled like any other form class; you create an instance of the form, you instantiate it, then you call its ShowMe(Me) method. You cna do all of this in your button's click event handler.

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    thank works..

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