For Help! using FP SDK 5.06

Is there anyone familiar with FP SDK 5.06?

i have trouble in connecting to virtual irc5 using FP SDK.

I use C# and FP SDK 5.06.0115. I am developing an windows app. I tried the following code to conect a running Virtual Controller on robware 5.06.0115.

The url string i used is exactly the same with the controller's setting!

url = "/{12B3A1F5-A992-4FF2-9FAE-C8666B64943C}";

_controller = new Controller(Url);

It passed the compiling, and in runtime it caught exception in /new controller(url).

I already did this in FP SDK 5.05, and it works perfectly. So, is it just a bug of FP SDK 5.06. or I did anything wrong?

Please info me to: [email protected]!

great thanks!



  • Hello,

    why are you not using the default constructor for the controller class:

    .MyABBController = new Controller();

    There is only one controller around anyway...

    best regards


  • Hi, Renek.

    Tahnk you for kindly replying!

    The new controller() without GUID is only used in FP application. Thus, I will deploy the dll into FP side. But now, I am using this in a windows application. This construtor also can not work.

    I still find it quite strange that in FP SDK 5.05. It is OK! Why in 5.06 it crushes?

  • Are you building a Windows PC application using PC-SDK or a FlexPendant Application using FlexPendant SDK?

    They are two different platforms/products and the .Net assemblies are not, as far as I can tell, interchangeable between the two platforms.

    Also, do you really have version 5.06.0115? I don't think this has been released yet, you should probably use a released version, e.g. 5.06.0095. You probably won't get any support on a beta in this forum (or anywhere else for that matter).

    Russell Drown
  • For this task you should use the PC SDK 5.06. I have not tested it yet, but this code compiles and "should" work:

        Guid aGuid = new Guid(Url);
        ControllerInfo info = new ControllerInfo(aGuid);
        Controller aController = ControllerFactory.CreateFrom(info, ControllerFactoryProperty.SystemId);



    Urban Vikblom
  • O! Guys!

    Tahnk you for your suggetsions! I already tried PC SDK, it works at connection part. But I do not have the time to do a complete test for PC SDK.

    Since I got a lot code developped based on FP SDK, I do not want to move to PC SDK Part now.