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Graph question and update display?

I have one screen with TabControls. The first tab contains a button which pulses a signal which in turn runs a RAPID routine which updates some arrays. These arrays are bound to a graph on the second tab. The arrays are declared as PERS. However once the routine is finnished, the graph will not update. If I switch to another window/view, say production window, and then back to my screen, the graph is updated. Is there a way to redraw the graph without switching views?

Also I use 3 plots on my graph and I have tried changing legend, colour, linewidth etc for each without luck. They are stuck on blue, 1 width, and "Label".

I use RS5.13.01 .


  • The Graph control updates its values only when the Screen gets the focus. You can manually request this update. In any of your event panels, you can ...

    1. Add a new Action -> Advanced -> Call Custom Action

    2. Select the graph control (Screen must be saved in order to list all controls)

    3. Select action "UpdateValues" ..


    Hope this helps ..


    Carlos Martinez
  • hi,,

    ok it's work for update the values,,

    but for color and line type,,   is stay to blue for my four pens..

    thank's for help

  • Hello,

    Thanks for your instructions, I did as follows:

    1. New Action --> Advanced --> Call Custom Action
    2. Selct Graph Control (I saved the screeen in the order I wanted the controls)
    3. Select Action: UpdateValues

    It updated all my values (thank you) but I would also like my Pens to be black not blue, perhaps I am being too picky as it does work but for ascetics I was hoping to have black, if you could point me in the right direction it would be appreciated.


  • Hello,

    Graph control updates when you change in properties like the color, type of plots have been taken care of. You can expect them in RobotStudio 5.15 release.

    Thanks for your input.