Linking with TPShow and user windows


In RAPID, TPShow function can show FlexPendant windows from RAPID. According to RAPID manual, there are only three predefined data. If I connect something to FP window, such as below:


this USERMADE_WINDOW is te user-designed window page using FPSDK. In this case, if I would like to call this window using TPShow like above, the USERMADE_WINDOW must be defined but I don't have any idea for that. Does anybody know about this?? Please answer me thank you...image

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  • Hello,

    this is (unfortunately) not possible in RW5.06 release since the TPShow command is not supported (see release notes of 5.06):

    RAPID instruction TPShow not working in IRC5 system

    It is possible to execute the old instruction TPShow in IRC5 system, but it has no influence on FlexPendant windows.


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