Robot Fatal Error During Backup [WebWare Server]


Ever since we started executing automatic backups via WebWare (Version 3.00.0100) we've been getting fatal errors around the time the automatic backups are executed. Upon investigation of the shift reports we've noticed that when the robot is waiting for an operator input (TPReadFK function) and the backup executes, the robot will have a fatal error crash. The backup is actually executed correctly (it copies the HOME directory files to the webware server) but the robot crashes. I know the robot has to be in automatic mode and not running for the backup to start, is there any information that would could tell us why this happens and a possible work around?




  • Hi
    We will investigate the behavior you have.
    What baseware are you running on the robot.

    One thing you could do to get around the problem is to use the variable ww_BackupOK (defined in WebWare.sys so you need to have that loaded into the robot) and set it to false before the TPReadFK and set it to True after TPReadFK has executed. False means that you doesn't allow WebWare to do backup which hopefully will eliminate the fatal error crash.


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  • Hello!

        Yes, I was looking into doing exactly that! Good to know I'm on the right track. I am using baseware version is all the info you might need :


    3HAC6811-2.13 768 System Pack 4.0
      Irb 4400L/30
      Calib. Pendelum RAPID
      FactoryWare Communication
      Advanced Functions

    4400L/30 M2000

    I'll be eagerly waiting your response.

    Thank you kindly




    P.S. Could you tell me under exactly what conditions the robot will execute a backup -> Must be in automatic mode + etc...


  • Hi
    The conditions for a backup to execute is
    1. Controller in Auto.
    2. Program must be stopped.
    3. If WebWare.sys loaded also some variables must match certain criteria (like ww_BackupOK:=true)

    In WebWare.sys there are a couple of variables to control what WebWare backup is allowed to do with the controller. Like stop program aswell as start the controller after a program stop(only if WebWare has stopped the program).

    For newer controllers (S4C+ with BaseWare 4.0.60->) when you do a complete backup it's also possible to backup without stopping the program (specific variable in WebWare.sys that needs to be true).

    In your case with such old controller it's not allways possible to load the complete WebWare.sys into the controller (everything isn't supported) so in that case you need to declare thoose variables yourself.

    Per Svensson
    Company Specialist
    ABB Automation Technology Products