Close ScreenMaker aplication.

jesusjesus Valencia, Spain. ✭✭

After learning how to open an application ScreenMaker through UIShow RAPID instruction, I wonder if there is another way to close this application without pressing the "close screen", which is common to all.

I did not find the way to "auto close" the SreenMaker aplication. Cry

Thanks in advance.

Greetings, Jesus.


  • Abhishek PMAbhishek PM Bangalore

    Hello jesus,

    You could have button or any other control on the ScreenMaker screen which closes the screen for you. You need to define an action to close the screen.


    I doubt there is a way to close the screen of the application through RAPID.



  • jesusjesus Valencia, Spain. ✭✭
    Thanks Abhishek.

    You can not quit the application of ScreenMaker if not pressing the "close screen."
    The a
    ction "close this screen" for any button defined in ScreenMaker produces display the Main screen of the application.

    Thanks again, Jesus.
  • j_proulxFBj_proulxFB Watertown, WI USA
    How to close a screenmaker screen in RAPID using IO. See attachment
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