Calling a service routine

In my screens I require the operator to call a Recovery routine when the robot is powered on, as well when the robot is crashed or e-stoped. The issue I'm running into most of the time is the operator not setting the program pointer before hand. This becomes an issue on startup (there is not program pointer) and when the robot is e-stoped in the middle of a move instruction.

I tried using the system input to reset the program pointer to main, however it only works in auto mode.

As simple as it may sound, it'd be nice to not require the operator to do anything with the program pointer. One of the screens biggest benefits is to have all of the controls for recovering the robot in one spot.

Does anyone have any ideas for accomplishing this?

If not, is it possible to get a function put in the next release?



  • carlosmtz2000
    carlosmtz2000 United States ✭✭
    Hi Dustin,

    So far, ScreenMaker moves the current program pointer into a routine as a Service Routine, but then the PP is back to the original position.


    Managing the Program Pointer (to main Routine or specific routine) is available from the PC SDK. This was not "exported" by ScreenMaker since the goal was to provide User Interface to a valid RAPID program. If the robot crashed or has a e-stop, the RAPID program should still be valid (still have a program pointer).


    Are you familiar with the PF SDK? You could create a control that takes care of tihs and embedded inside the ScreenMaker application.




    Carlos Martinez
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