Elog domain working on VC but not on RC?!

Hello there,

the following code is working on VIRC5, but not on the real one. The errormessage is not shown on the RC. Any ideas why ??

thanks and best regards


bool ITpsViewSetup.Install(object sender,object data)


// TODO: Add TpsViewRapidEvent.Install implementation

myController = new Controller();

myLog = myController.EventLog;

myLog.MessageWritten+=new ABB.Robotics.Controllers.EventLogDomain.MessageWrittenEventHandler(myLog_MessageWritten);

return false;


void myLog_MessageWritten(object sender, ABB.Robotics.Controllers.EventLogDomain.MessageWrittenEventArgs e)


if (myHandler == null)

this.myHandler +=new System.EventHandler(UpdateUI);

this.Invoke(myHandler, sender, e);


private void UpdateUI(object sender, EventArgs e)


ABB.Robotics.Controllers.EventLogDomain.MessageWrittenEventArgs ex = (ABB.Robotics.Controllers.EventLogDomain.MessageWrittenEventArgs) e;

this.label1.Text = ex.Message.Title.ToString();



  • Hi there,

    just for informaion: The issue mentioned above was due to a bug in 5.06.01. It has been fixed in 5.06.02. The code above is working fine now.