Trigering screens form Rapid

We have an application that needs to change from a base screen to a different one depending on the state of the installation. We have created a base screen and one action screen (link to a boolean in Rapid) to change to screen 1; In the screen 1 we have another action trigger to close the screen and return to base screen.
The question is that if 'Close this screen' is defined in the event manager, when the action trigger is triggered the screen doesn't close; The only way to close this screen is to define the event as 'Screen open Base'.
The problem is that really the work of the screen is very slow and get slower after some time the application is running. I suppose that the problem could be that it should be used 'Close this screen' instead 'Screen open' to avoid reopen base screen, but as I explained it doesn't work on this wait.

Does anybody know how to solve this question?

Thanks in advance.
Javier Garcia


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