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Modify ScreenMaker code

Hello everybody!

I did a screenMaker project that works nice, tested on virtual flex pendant.

Now I'd like to edit by hand a piece of ScreenMaker-generated code.
So, first of all, I tried to:
-Start a new project with VS using flexpendant template
-add the existing items generated by ScreenMaker
-Add all the references to ScreenMaker libraries

In this way the error list is empty and I can see correctly all the Screen.

It builds the solution but when I try to copy the two libraries Name.dll and Name.gtpu.dll in home folder of my system, it appears an Icon in the menu of the virtual flexpendant, but when I click on it, it opens a white Screen.

And sometimes in VisualStudio (it seems when I double-click on a picture-box for seeing the code), it opens (infinite times) an error-message "Unable to find out SDK version..using (or something similar) v 5.08" ...I use VS 2008 SP1

So...Are the operations I did correct?what about the empty-result I see on my flex pendant?and about the error-message?

Thanks in advance



  • Hi, I have same error. And i am looking for solution too..