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Software for S4P IRB5400

We have an old CAP installation on a Win2000 PentiumIII (running 8 years.)
I am concerned of MB or HDD failure.
We would like to upgrade the computer to WinXP SP3.
What is the latest software compatible with this IRB5400 S4P (not +) controller ?


  • Tormod
    Tormod Bryne, Norway

    Which versions exactly are you running?

    We have copies of those versions used on S4P (RobView3 + SFE + DDE-server) but they are not compatible with OS newer than Win XP.
    On the other hand, what is the intension here; if it is to maintain Rapid-code then this is compatible and can be worked with the latest versions.
    (RobViev5 + SFE)

    Tormod2011-03-31 13:30:33
    Tormod Henne
    Senior Engineer