Mechanical Cut - When User Guides Fail...

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I just got my new toy and have been experimenting with all the functions. I created a bunch of targets in a straight line on and a little above a flat plane for the robot to follow and drill holes. I've followed the instructions in the user guide step by step and get stuck at "selecting the path".  The select path button is greyed out and can't be selected.

The paths are straight lines, no circular motions.  The tool is defined. There are plenty of targets on either of the two paths I created. The robot moves along each of the paths without any trouble. No reachability issues. The paths have been sync'ed and added to the program main. What else do I need to do to be allowed to select the paths and start using mechanical cut?

Lisa Cardon
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  • Phil
    Phil France

    Hello Lisa,

    The Mechanical add-in sometimes does not 'see' that you have created paths. What you can do, is to close the add-in and reopen it immediatelly using the <Tools>Add-ins> menu. You'll then be able to select one of the paths.

  • DLcygnet
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    That beats saving, shutting down RS and starting up again to get it to 'see' the paths.

    Lisa Cardon
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