GTPUMasterDialog & MainMenu


Hallo everybody,

I have problems using GTPUMAsterDialogs with main menu. I use several GTPUMasterDialogs to show different robot settings. All of the GTPUMasterDialogs have a main menu to change screens. The main form controlls screen change. My problem is that if I click a menu item on a "sub screen" some fragments of its menu get stuck on the screen and the application will crash if this fragment is clicked.

The screen change works like this: I generated a variable for screen number. All "sub screens" are "friends withevents" in the main form. If a menu item in the sub forms is clicked the screen change variable is set and the sub form is closed. I the main form I catch the closed event of the sub form and then I invoke the screen change from the main form.

On VIRC5 the application seems to run perfect but on real IRC5 I have the above problem.


Thanks for your help