UAS Grant is gone

dhyan Indonesia
Dear all

        I installed the new IRB 2400 (24-64864) that has an option "Ready for Pickmaster".

        Yesterday (14 April 2011) I have downloaded system successfully
and edited the program, finally I shutdowned the controller. And there
is no problem about that.

        But, today (15 April 2011) the strange problem arise.
Suddently I can not edit the program, I can not edit the unit on
configuration menu,  I can not doing P-X-C-B Start, even I can not
shutdown the controller normally. When I opened the UAS Grant Viewer
(with Robot Studio), I found only one grant, that is "execute program".
I found no other grant on it. Whereas, I have never edited user account
at all.

        Normally, before I edited user accounts, I have only one user
(default user) and this default user should have all grants, it mean
this default user has full access.

        Do you have any idea about that?
Please help us. Thank you very much


Dhyan Wicaksono
fear of GOD is the beginning of wisdom