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Some of my work involves airplane parts that are imported from CATIA models. These parts are in the airplane reference frame and come into Robot Studios in their proper respective locations: Miles away from the center of the newly created station. Having the part's origin at the center of the station and not coinciding with the center of mass on the part makes it very difficult to rotate this part without it flying miles below the station.  After which, I have to shift it up and over until it's close to the origin and can be worked on. However, then the next step is usually to flip it the part over and work on the other side, which once again is a huge ordeal of shifting and rotating and hunting all over the station.

Is there any way to change the local coordinate system/origin to match up with the center of the part? And thus be able to import the part and have it appear at the center of the station, rather than in a far away corner?

Lisa Cardon
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  • Graeme
    Graeme New Zealand

    Hi Lisa,

    Are you using a postioner to hold and turn the part?

    If so drag the part and drop it onto the postioner (under components in the object browser). RS will ask if you want to repostion the part- answer yes, then use the rotate and move  commands to move the part into the right place. Once this is done you can move the part using the postioner.

    If you are not using a postioner this may work- create a new workobject (under the create menu). You can then repostion this where ever you want to, set this as the UCS (right click on the workobject), then move your part relative to the UCS.

    The problem with the above is the work object is not connected to the part (I'm not sure how you would make the workobject relative to the part co-ordinate system) so the two will gradually move apart.

    Failing both of the above you could use your CAD system to place referance planes in the right place and re-import.

    Hope this helps.

  • Anders S
    Anders S Sweden mod
    Hi Lisa,

    As Graeme said is UCS(user coordinate system) a good tool to use when you for example would like to rotate around a specific point. UCS can be assigned to almost anything in RobotStudio (entity, part, target, workobject etc.).

    So create a target or a workobject on your requested rotation point and set that as UCS as Graeme said. To rotate around the UCS, select the Reference UCS and select the base position X,Y,Z=0 in the rotation window.

    To connect(attach) a workobject to a part, left click on the workobject in the browser and drag it to your part (as you attach a tool to your robot). Answer no on the question about reposition.Anders S38630,5355671296
    Best regards,
    Anders Spaak
    ABB Robotics