S4ProgramLoad doesn't work [WebWare SDK]

Hi Guys

I'm Trying to load a program in the S4C from my PC using the S4ProgramLoad, when I try to load it, simply nothing happens, not even an error message. I think it might be the way I've written the file path, since the robot is connected to the pc via TCP/IP server, I just write 
Another thing, does the robot have to be in full auto mode to be able to load programs from the PC using the S4ProgramLoad method?



  • JC ALT
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    I assume the file ABC.PRG is at the root of ramdisk


    try ram1disk:ABC.PRG or ram1disk:ABC.PRG or ABC.prg


    or if you put it in a directory MyDirABC.PRG


    I found an old sample where i used it as
    Look also at the status returned for S4ProgramLoad


    try with the robot in different mode, it is possible that we need to be in automatic mode, because in manual mode it is possible to modifiy the program



  • Thanks a lot, it worked in automatic mode =)
    Now I have just to try to start the program not with the ActiveX control if not with my own designed buttons.
    I will report my advances.

    Thank you very much again