How much does Robotstudio cost and where can I buy it?



  • Contact Your local ABB salesman and they will help you to buy RobotStudio.
    The recomended list price is 15 000 EUR.
    There is also different PowerPacs awailable for some extra money.
    Contact your local ABB salesmen and they can give you all the details.
    Best Regards

    Ulrika Mor?n

    ABB Automation Technology Products A

  • [QUOTE=Ulrika Mor?n]

    The recomended list price is 15 000 EUR.
    would I be correct in guessing that the sites online that sell it for $40USD are not legit then?
  • Hi bigted,

    You are extremely correct... ABB only distributes their software themselves.. any other way of becomming it is highly illegal...


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