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In the new prgram maker (that comes with RobotStudio 3.0) I see an attempt was made to improve its editing and search capabilities. image

In using this new interface, when you are editing, and want to undo something by pressing the CTRL-Z key, the editor undos your previous change, but the focus is set back to the beginning of the text - THIS IS REALLY IRRITATING - you have to go and scroll back to the portion of text you were currently editing. image

Is there, or will there be a patch that fixes this soon?




Thomas H. Johnston
PACs Application Engineer


  • Dear Thomas,

    We have reported this case to our development department.

    Best regards

    /Ulrika Mor?n

    Support Engineer


  • image


    was there any improvement in the last 18 month regarding this topic??

    Same behaviour: select a line (even in a large routine), open the new editor and you are at the beginning, instead of the current line - that is not really acceptable...